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When is the best time to Climb The Rwenzori Mountains

Wondering when is the best time to book your Rwenzori mountaineering or Trekking Tour in Uganda with Primate Safari Experiences? The team is ready to help you select the best time to tailor your Rwenzori trekking adventure to Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The best time to visit Rwenzori is between June to October and December to February, when the skies are a clear blue and the views spectacular. The weather remains dry until about march, with temperatures varying between regions. January and February can be very cold, especially at night and good to see the snow-capped mountains.

Book your Rwenzori expedition during dry months to enable you to enjoy a stress-free trek to the peak of the best mountains like Speke, Baker, Emin, Gessi. It is generally possible to hike the Rwenzori Mountains throughout the year, although there are some months that are generally characterized by colder weather with more rains, lots of glaciers and snow at the summit.

Rwenzori Mountains weather

Due to the close proximity of Rwenzori mountains to the Equator line, the climatic conditions in the famous national park are unique.  In the Rwenzori Mountains, there are two wet periods – the long rainy season and the short rainy season. The long rainy season begins in March and ends in May. The short rainy season is during the month of November. Note that weather is unpredictable so these time periods will vary from year to year. Sometimes the rains come early, come late, are mild, or are torrential.

The weather in Rwenzori mountains National Park is generally wet, with the peaks covered with mists most of the time. This makes wild rime formations on the higher summits and glaciers.

Recommended Months of Visit

The most recommended months for Travelers to book their Rwenzori Mountaineering tours to Rwenzori Mountains National Park with PSE are June to October and December to February with Safari extensions to Bwindi National Park for Gorilla Trekking and Big five watching in Queen Elizabeth National Park on 12 Days Rwenzori Expedition.

Rwenzori Trekking Tours:

Primate Safari experiences run tailor-made and fixed departure group tours to Rwenzori Mountains National Park at the most discounted prices. Ask for the quote for  Rwenzori Mountaineering


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