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Climbing Routes & Trails – Mount Kilimanjaro


There are more than seven different ways available in Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, each with its own distinctive features in terms of price, scenery, and acclimatization rates, among other things. These include Marungu, Umbwe, Machame, Rongai, Lemosho, Shira and Northern Circuit. This explains why some routes are far more frequented than others, because they are so well liked by passengers. Allow me to walk you through the trails below in detail so you can get the most out of the route you chose for your trip to the mountain.

Machame (6-7 days):

Despite the impression that routes in Machame are longer and steeper, it is now the most popular route that the majority of people would not want to miss. Before reaching the summit, the ascent begins from the south, bends east, and travels through the southern ice field of Kilimanjaro. For this route, six days is the absolute minimum required and seven days is recommended. It is known for its stunning vistas, which draw large people.

Northern circuit (9 days):

This is the newest and most thrilling route. Kilimanjaro is approached from the west at the beginning of the journey by the Lemosho trail. The Northern Circuit circumnavigates the mountain along its peaceful, infrequently traveled northern slopes as opposed to taking the southern traverse like all other westward approaches do. This route is the longest and most acclimatization-friendly due to its nine-day duration.

Marangu (5-6 days):

The oldest, simplest, and most well known route up Kimanjaro Mountain is Marangu, often known as the Coca-Cola route. Because it allows them to turn around before reaching Uhuru Peak, tourists who are ill prepared for the ascent heavily use the route. The Marangu has one of the lowest success percentages on the Kilimanjaro because it is also the shortest route and has a poor acclimatization profile.

Lemosho (7-8 days):

On Mount Kilimanjaro, this is one of the more recent routes. Lemosho crosses the Shira Plateau from Shira Ridge to Shira Camp, unlike Machame, which only crosses it at its intersection with the plateau. Before the route joins the Machame route, there is little traffic for climbers to deal with. After that, Lemosho travels the same path through the southern circuit, which includes Lava Tower, Barranco, and Barafu. The paranoma scenery, limited traffic, and other factors make it special.

Shira route (6-7 days):

This path, which reaches Kilimanjaro from the west, resembles the Lemosho route quite closely. Shira was the initial route, and Lemosho is the upgraded version. The Shira route skips this hike by taking climbers directly to Shira Gate, but Lemosho begins at Londorossi Gate and needs them to go through the rain forest to reach Shira 1 Camp, which is close to the Shira Ridge.

Rongai route (6-7 day):

This path starts on the northern, dryer slopes of Kilimanjaro, as opposed to other routes’ western beginnings. With a high rate of success, it is possible to see buffalo, elephants, and antelopes on the way to the summit. Furthermore, the region’s level terrain allows for unobstructed views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Umbwe route:

This route has a quick and sharp ascent to Barranco camp. Has limited opportunities for acclimatization due to its swift ascent, and as a result, success rates on this Kilimanjaro route can be low.


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